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We are a certified organic Cooperative made up of farmers, horticulturists, fruit producers and mainly livestock farmers.

The Cooperative of Organic Food Producers, was founded on 11th May 2004 by a group of ecological producers on the Island of Mallorca. The headquarters of the firm are in C. des Triquet, 3 1º Sineu. Nowadays it consists of 14 members and 21 collaborators. Nonetheless, being as it is a very young association, the number of members is rising gradually.

The association was born out of the need to organise the organic production on the island and make local produce available for consumers on the island. Conventional agriculture must nowadays fight against the gap between raw material producers and consumers. As the name indicates, our Cooperative aims to offer customers ready-to-consume products. Among all ecological production, meat production is the one sector that needs to be boosted to reach larger number of island consumers. That is why the Cooperative focuses on organising production, distribution and sale of ecological meat produced on the island.

The associated members manage organically at the moment an area of 2600 hectares, 13,5% approximately of the organic production on the Island. Among these hectares, 1910 are dedicated to wheat production and pasture, which would correspond to 25% of the total area dedicated to this use in Mallorca.

a) Breed animals; purchase feed, fertilizer, plants, tools, machinery, facilities; process food, and take any action needed to promote agricultural cooperativism.

b) Conserve, standardise , manipulate, transform, transport, distribute and market directly to customers, natural or previously transformed products from exploitations of the Cooperative and its members.

c) Purchase, divide up, drain, and improve the lands dedicated to agriculture, cattle and woods; as well as building the necessary facilities for these lands.

d) Carry out consumer-orientated activities for members such as for instance engaging workers to develop tasks in the members exploitations’. Promote activities aimed at boosting and improving the agricultural population and rural environment.

e) Supply members with fuel and lubricants allowed by law.

f) Any other budget-related activity to economically, technically, socially and labour efficiently complement or improve the Cooperative.

g) Cooperative activities complement those carried out by its members

h) Produce under the cerfication of OPFH must be traded by the Cooperative.

i) Ensure quantity and quality aspects when organising production in order to meet demand.

j) Cooperate in promoting and displaying members’ produce at market

k) Reduce production costs and regulate prodution prices.

l) Promote farming practices, production techniques and environmentally-friendly waste management. Give special attention to the protection of water quality, soil and lanscape; and preserve biodiversity.

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