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We are a Cooperative made up of farmers, horticulturists, fruit producers, and mainly livestock farmers who produce under Ecological Certification.

Organic production
It is a quality brand internationally acknockledged and known in the Balearic Island by the following logo.

What does organic production mean?
It is a way of growing vegetables and producing products of animal origin without polluting them with chemical pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), so being environmentally-friendly and most importantly, assuring a high level of food safety for our consumers.

What’s the difference between organic and conventional food?
- During the whole process of elaboration until the product reaches consumers; animals, cereals, fruits and vegetables have not been in touch with toxic chemicals at all.
- In conventional production harvested produce contain polluting pesticide, herbicide, antibiotic and hormone residues.
- These residues remain in food which eventually end up in our food chain.

What are the consequences of chemical residues in food?
- Residues accumulate in our system especially in liver and kidneys.
- They can contribute to antibiotic resistance
- Allergies and intolerance to chemical products may pose a high risk for our health
- GMOs may affect our organism in the future because of their unknown long-term effects.

How do we organically certify our produce?
- "Consell Balear de la producció agrària ecològica" is the Majorcan organic certifier of our produce.
- The Commission Regulation (EU) No 271/ 2010, which came into force on 1st July, lays down the rules regarding the organic production logo of the European Union. Producers have a two-year deadline to package material in accordance to the new Regulation and stock the remaining former-labelled produce out.

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