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Organic chicken: cereal and grass-fed poultry which is grown a minimum of 81 days
Organic hen: cereal and pasture-fed poultry
Organic guinea fowl: cereal and pasture-fed poultry

There are two types of lamb depending on their weight and feed, suckling lamb and paschal lamb. Prices change depending on the season (winter or summer prices).
Organic suckling lamb: aged up to 45 days maximum and with a carcass weight lower than 6 kg. They are fed on its mother’s organic milk.
Organic lamb: aged up to 90 days maximum and with a carcass weight between 6 and 9 kg. They are fed pastures and ecological grain feeds.
Organic paschal lamb: with a carcass weight between 9 and 13 kg.
Organic mutton: it is difficult to specify its weight and age but it is possible to meet clients wishes.

Organic suckling pig: there are different types of production depending on their breed. They are fed at least 40 days on its mother’s milk. Suckling pigs and their mothers roam freely in their natural environment enjoying a high quality of life. There are three types: with a carcass weight up to 6kg, between 6kg and 9kg, and between 9kg and 12kg.
Organic Majorcan suckling pig: it belongs to the autochthonous pig breed from the island of Majorca known as porc negre. There can be suckling pigs with a carcass weight up to 6kg and with a carcass weight between 6kg and 9kg.
Organic pork: pigs fed organic cereals, beans and vegetables.

Organic beef: There are two types: up to 12 months and up to 24 months of age. Free ranging cattle graze on an area of 5 cattle maximum per hectare. They fed forage crop, pastures and organic grain mix.
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